Yag Posterior Capsulotomy

What is the Capsule?
The natural lens of the eye is held in place by a thin clear membrane called the lens capsule. The capsule completely surrounds the lens and separates it from the thick fluid in the back of the eye, called the vitreous, and the thinner fluid in the front of the eye, called the aqueous.

Cataract Surgery Effects the Capsule
Cataract surgery is necessary when the natural lens become cloudy and must be removed. When cataract surgery was originally performed, surgical techniques were not as refined as today, and both the natural lens and the capsule were removed during surgery. Newer techniques allow the capsule to remain in the eye and hold the implanted lens (or intraocular lens, IOL) in place.

Sometimes after cataract surgery the posterior capsule becomes cloudy. If the posterior capsule becomes cloudy, then a laser (yag) capsulotomy is performed. This is a short, painless out patient treatment with no post treatment restrictions.

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